Questions To Ask Commercial Cleaners

//Questions To Ask Commercial Cleaners

Questions To Ask Commercial Cleaners

Questions To Ask Commercial Cleaners


Choosing the right janitorial company can be a daunting decision. If you’re thinking of switching or have never hired one before, taking the time to ask the right questions has lasting benefits.


“What cleaning services does my company need?”

Different businesses and buildings require different services. Does your company need hard surface floor care, carpet cleaning, or floor restoration? Does the business generate a lot of recycling to manage? Knowing what you need goes a long way.

As professionals Swept’s team members set up an initial walk through with you to asses and provide a detailed overlook of what services your business requires.


“Do you provide free walk throughs and quotes?”

A great cleaning company respects their clients time and money. They should be involved and confident in the services they provide. Taking the time to set up an initial walk through with you and give an accurate assessments at no cost to you should be the standard. As well as providing straightforward detailed quotes.

Swept will provide you with a no-obligation walk through and a custom quote free of charge.


“Who do we contact?”

It’s important to have open and simplified communication with a business that’s working for you. Direct communication allows for direct results and keeps focus on your business. A great company should have quick straightforward communication

Swept uses an App that allows for direct communication from you to account mangers simplifying communication and providing immediate action.


“What times can you work?”

One reason for hiring commercial janitors is to clear up time and energy with fewer distractions from running your business. The cleaning company should work at times that support an efficient work environment.

Swept works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whenever is most convenient.


“Have you worked with other businesses in my industry?”

Different businesses can have unique needs. Finding a company familiar with spaces like yours can be an effective asset because they’re familiar with the various cleaning processes.

Swept works with a large range of companies and buildings, providing unique insights and expertise to suit your specifications.


“What cleaning products does your company use?”

Knowing what cleaning products and equipment used on your building provides safety. Asking this question also gives reassurance that the janitorial company you’re choosing is knowledgeable and using effective professional products.

Swept offers a variety of safe, strong and green cleaners and professional equipment to achieve the best results.


“What cleaning materials does your company provide?”

Each business’ supply needs are unique to the business. Will you need paper towels, soaps, toilet tissue, liners, etc.? Will your company be providing any cleaning supplies? Does the cleaning company you’re considering provide for all the needs of your business?

Swept works with supplier companies to provide paper goods, dispensers and more, condensing outside sources so you get exactly what you need with less distractions from running your business.


“Who do you employ?”

Many janitorial companies hire unprofessional unexperienced short-term employees, that can affect the quality of work and waste your time and money.

Every swept employee is provided with uniforms and an ID badge for your company’s security. We also continue with training and education to keep our janitors up to date and safe. Swept cleaners also earn benefits and a living wage which in turn decreases employee turnover, making our employees more effective and motivated.


“How can I be sure your company will do a good job?”

Cleaning companies should establish relationships and open communication with your business. You should have confidence knowing employees receive effective and continuous hands on training to make sure everything is up to your standards.

We train our janitors specifically to your business to provide the highest level of satisfaction. And by using the Swept app we stay in constant contact, knowing right away what your needs are and providing immediate action.

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