Professional Janitorial Services

Professional Janitorial Services

Swept provides first-class commercial cleaning that is raising the bar and changing the professional janitorial service industry—we are more than a commercial cleaning company. We train our employees and monitor their progress by tracking compliance metrics. All our associates and front-line managers have access to all tasks and alerts that relate to a specific facility. Swept teams will go above and beyond to report safety, cleaning, and maintenance issues from their mobile device. Swept has various professional janitorial services available.

Janitorial Services

We offer janitorial services for any size facility or office space. This includes restocking towel, tissue and soap dispensers, cleaning and disinfecting restrooms and emptying trash cans, etc.

Consumable Stock Management

We manage the paper goods and janitorial supplies that are stocked for our partners that are kept in their building. We provide weekly, biweekly, and monthly inventory control, weekly deliveries, and stock-away programs. We provide free soap, hand towels, and toilet tissue dispensing programs as well.

Handyman Services

Not everyone is mechanically inclined or handy, and that’s okay. We have handyman services that will handle the broken doorknobs, leaky faucet, or changing of light bulbs.

Disinfecting Services

In the age of COVID-19, disinfecting services are vital. We provide routine and on-demand disinfecting services. We perform manual wipe down, electrostatic fogging, ULV cold fogging, and battery-operated spray fogging disinfecting services. We use Spartan EPA and FDA-registered disinfectant chemicals. All associates use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We provide certifications of disinfection upon completion.

Floor Cleaning Services

Swept will keep your floors looking good. We have floor cleaning services for all kinds of floors. Concrete, carpet, tile, or hardwood—it doesn’t matter. We can clean or rehab any flooring, depending on how dirty it is.

Day Porter Services

Your team is busy working, so take advantage of our day porter services to keep things neat and tidy. A day porter will maintain the lobby, clean common areas and patios, remove trash, and clean meeting rooms, among other things.