Day Porter Services

Day Porter Services

Are there small tasks around the office that nobody has time to do? Well, a day porter is the solution to that problem. First impressions matter and having a messy office will give the wrong one. Keep your facility tidy and orderly with day porter services from Swept.

What Is a Day Porter?

A day porter is the truly underappreciated hero of the business world. They are the person that will do the small things around the office that nobody seems to have time for. If they are doing their job well, you won’t even know they are there. What they do goes beyond regular janitorial work. They are the jack of all trades who can keep your building in good condition day after day.

What Does a Day Porter Do?

Day porter services go beyond the mere cleaning of messes and sweeping of floors. They are an indispensable part of any facility management team. A porter keeps the facilities clean, tidy, and looking good every day. They take care of the dirty tables and dishes in the breakroom and keep the lobby clean and in order. Porters remove trash, clean bathrooms, restock consumables in bathrooms and kitchens, and keep the common areas clean. They can also be relied upon to set chairs and furniture for meetings and then take them down after.

An Added Safety Feature

As the day porter goes about their daily duties, they are in and out of every inch of the facility. There aren’t any areas that they don’t encounter weekly, if not daily. This presence in the building is an added layer of security. They quickly become the eyes and ears of the building, and little passes by without notice. If there is a trip hazard, they will see it and remove it. If there is an emergency door left propped open, they will see it and close it. Porters become a trusted and valued member of any team.