COVID-19 Disinfection

Coronavirus (COVID-19) isn't going anywhere anytime soon

Even as we ease back into our workspaces over the next few months keeping your environment disinfected is of the utmost importance. Swept is here to offer both emergency and routine Disinfecting Services to help kill this virus and create a safe Workplace for you and your staff. This Service Kills The Following Diseases And Viruses:

  • Kills Microorganisms Including Hiv-1, Vre, Mrsa, Grsa, Mrse, Visa, Prsp, Herpes Simplex Types 1&2, Influenza Type A2, Adenovirus, Rotavirus And Many More

  • Kills The Organisms That Cause Odors And Works As An Odor Counteractant To Further Eliminate Odors Not Associated With Bacteria.

  • Highly Concentrated Quaternary Formula Provides Excellent One-Step, Cost-Effective Cleaning And Disinfection

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