Commercial Disinfecting Services

COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Some businesses in the country are shut down, and their employees are working from home. There are just as many that kept on working with employees coming in every day to do work. During the past year, concerns over the coronavirus, or COVID-19, have led companies to change procedures and take precautions to keep every as safe as possible. COVID-19 cleaning services and disinfection are one tool that companies can utilize. Commercial disinfecting services and fogging help facility managers and employers keep their buildings and offices as clean as possible and provide peace of mind.

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting

COVID-19 cleaning services by Swept are a one-two punch because we clean and disinfect. Cleaning means removing dirt and impurities from hard surfaces. Cleaning alone won’t kill all the germs, but it reduces the number of them substantially and reduces the risk of infection. Disinfecting means killing the germs in a given space and limiting the ability for them to spread. The combination of cleaning and disinfecting is the best way to ensure your facility is clear of germs and viruses.

Commercial Disinfecting Services

Commercial disinfecting services are not only for fighting the coronavirus. Disinfection fogging services are ideal for any business that needs an exceptionally clean space. All of our associates wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while in your building. They are covered head to toe so that they remain safe and don’t spread anything they are trying to remove. First, they will clean every surface in the room or building. We start with a manual wipe down, making sure not to miss any touch point or potential hot spot. Then, depending on what you need, we can use an electrostatic fogger, ULV cold foggers, or a battery-operated spray fogger to disinfect the space thoroughly. We use Spartan EPA and FDA-registered disinfectant chemicals. Don’t take chances with your employees’ safety. Keep your facility clean and disinfected to protect everyone that sets foot within. Contact Swept today for a quote on COVID-19 cleaning services.