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About Us

Swept is a family owned commercial janitorial business established in Pacific Northwest. We offer a wide range of janitorial work to a variety of buildings. We are a committed to a higher-level of customer satisfaction. Through several unique systems and superior service, we will exceed the results you’re looking for.


We are staffed and equipped to accommodate for any job at every facility with our range of buildings including offices, medical facilities, manufacturing, distribution centers and more. This diversity provides our company with unique insights and expertise to suit your specifications. Swept works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whenever is most convenient and supports your schedule.


Swept is unique in the way we communicate. We’ve implemented the Swept app. The Swept app simplifies communication by allowing you to call, send messages, pictures and more, directly to the designated account manager. As a result, we know right away when you need something, have a request, and yes, we know right away when you may have a complaint. Because we also use the app to communicate with our janitors, we address those needs and provide immediate action. We make it known we value your business.


We offer safe, strong and green alternative products and equipment to achieve the best results. Swept also works with supplier companies to provide paper goods, dispensers and more, condensing outside sources so you get exactly what you need with less distractions from running your business.


At swept we appreciate our employees and set them up for success. By using the swept app, we communicate often and hold everyone accountable. Every swept employee is provided with uniforms and an ID badge for your company’s security. We also continue with training and education to keep our janitors up to date and safe. Swept cleaners also earn benefits and a living wage which in turn decreases employee turnover, making our employees more effective and motivated.


Swept provides consistent quality work that equals your high standards. To achieve those standards, our experienced, knowledgeable account managers and training specialists personally work onsite for the first week to determine your company’s needs and wants. They then can train our janitors specifically to your business to provide the highest level of satisfaction. This system of training provides high-quality work you can depend on.